The themes of the report

 • Turkic peoples mentality and the provided  opportunities by H.A.Yasavi in deep study of the philosophy of life;

 •  The historical role of  K.A.Yassawi in the raising of world level;

 •   Review and understanding of Yassawi study , taking into account of today’s global needs and requirements ;

 •     Researching  from the global point of view the political and social environment of  K.A.Yassawi native place ;

 •   Analyzing the role and impact in the formation of  Turkish  people’s religious conception                          

 •   Reviewing the political, religious and ideological movement during the life of H.A.Yasavi;  

 •  Reviewing  K.A.Yassawi from the matters of fiqh, kalam, ahlal and tafsir;

 • Reviewing the cultural and intellectual life of  K.A.Yassawi’s native place;

 • Researching the methodology of K.A.Yassawi and its place among the other religious and philosophical systems of today in terms of methodological changes;

Review K.A.Yassawi and his followers in the framework of the present-day requirements and needs;

    The venue and date of the symposium

In 28. 04. 2016-30.04.2016. / The Republic of Turkey, Ankara city.